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You may have wondered what exactly Lexis is.  Here is a found poem on the subject

Here is the explanation that Googlism provides at

 Googlism for: lexis

lexis is our professional content management
lexis is the study of vocabulary in
lexis is no more available
lexis is an online service that provides a wide range of full
lexis is focus
lexis is available to all law students
lexis is closed or phone line is bad
lexis is a library with newspaper
lexis is available via the web for students at www
lexis is http
lexis is a 5 year old tri girl
lexis is a large electronic database
lexis is available from the albert sloman library website at
lexis is an exciting and challenging new word game that can be played by sighted
lexis is arranged hierarchically into libraries and files
lexis is available via the internet at http
lexis is working on the displayed request
lexis is my goodest friend from back in the day
lexis is not such a great form of researching
lexis is under new hardline
lexis is a legal research database paid for by the paralegal department at the university of great falls
lexis is a privately owned company and its top management consists of the owners who are also investors
lexis is a strange mix of the three games
lexis is available in the tax learning center
lexis is launching a major transition of their billing system
lexis is giving the student a biased perspective on the research
lexis is offering appellate advocacy training the week of september 16th
lexis is now offering prizes for attending class
lexis is an idea that crosses tetris with scrabble
lexis is available on the web at http
lexis is american in origin
lexis is formalized below using syntactic metalanguage
lexis is one of the world’s leading online legal research service designed for use by lawyers and accountants
lexis is "a good
lexis is available to all qut staff and students for 2002
lexis is not an expert system giving you the answer to a problem
lexis is feeling the sting of competition and decided it had to have a better web
lexis is updated daily
lexis is one of the two standard law data bases and provides full text of almost all legal decisions in the united states and several european countries
lexis is a computer
lexis is a computer assisted legal research service that provides access to databases covering primary and secondary legal and
lexis is a massive collection of legal databases which includes over 650 full text legal journals
lexis is a massive collection of legal and news databases owned by reed elsevier
lexis is a collection of full
lexis is beschikbaar op de publieks
lexis is available at the public pc in front of the information desk on the 1st floor
lexis is made up of a number of different databases
lexis is available via the university dial
lexis is te vergelijken met een zelfstandige juridische bibliotheek op het gebied van amerikaans recht
lexis is a comprehensive online information service containing the full text of legislation and case
lexis is the most comprehensive site for online legal research
lexis is blind and will need special care
lexis is not a common term but is primarily associated with the services offered by complainant
lexis is a paper exchange programme that our department participates in with several english departments in ontario and quebec
lexis is and particularly how it is different from "vocabulary
lexis is the basis of language
lexis is probably less well known
lexis is now advertising lexisone on law
lexis is continued until graduation
lexis is determined to carry on with similar community projects for future
lexis is used extensively to provide legal information
lexis is closed or
lexis is a french
lexis is only permitted
lexis is less sophisticated than westlaw
lexis is concerned
lexis is designed to keep out of the way of the candidate as much as possible
lexis is open to all areas of literary study
lexis is available from most of the other subject categories as well
lexis is remarkably homogenous in nature
lexis is similar to westlaw in coverage
lexis is licensed by west group to use its star pagination system
lexis is an exciting new twist on the "falling blocks" classic concept familiar to most gamers
lexis is free and unlimited
lexis is restricted to educational use only
lexis is great for ferreting out story ideas and background research
lexis is owned by darlene zapp & willis alford of fairbury
lexis is a large collection of computerised legal information
lexis is a full text database covering a wide range of legal information sources including case law
lexis is a good starting point
lexis is a legal information retrieval system
lexis is giving away 100
lexis is introduced by a full colour illustration which means the learner will remember the word much more easily
lexis is a legal information system
lexis is prepared to offer the same kind of limited password as westlaw for first
lexis is available to people with lexis passwords
lexis is known as star pagination
lexis is an amazing twist on the classic "falling blocks" game concept
lexis is easier via the web than via its graphical software
lexis is a literal search engine
lexis is better for that
lexis is a full range market research institute which operates on


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