Hurricane Relief in the Legal Community

Organization is now starting from various groups to help in the clean-up of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.

The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) has put together a blog in which members and friends can seek and provide assistance. See: AALL Law Lib Assist.

Earlier today AALL President Claire Germain sent a message to members, including this statement:

We need everyone’s help in brainstorming on how best we as an association can help and partner with others. We are waiting to let our colleagues tell us what they need most once they are able to return to their institutions — which at this point appears to be months from now.

The American Bar Association put out this press release on Tuesday, calling on the ABA Young Lawyers Division to pitch in.

As well, Jim Milles in Out of the Jungle is wondering how the legal community might help law students. Notably, he is wondering:

What about the Louisiana students studying civil law? Can something be arranged with some of the Canadian schools to offer them admission? I regret that I don’t know much of anything about the similarities and differences between the Louisiana and Quebec versions of civil law. [emphasis added]

I am passing this along in case one of our esteemed colleagues might be in a position to respond to Jim.


  1. More help from the library community, via SLA:

    “A Weblog set up by SLA’s Information Professionals’ Alliance on Natural
    Disasters and Accidents (IPANDA), we are beginning to promote offers
    made by SLA members to assist other librarians and information