Knowledge Management Economics & Realization Rates

I’ve been having some fun recently over at the VLLB.

Last Monday I posted ‘Legal KM Economics & Realization Rates (Some Questions…)‘. Joy London of Excited Utterances was nice enough to pick it up and re-publish my post. Then the responses started coming in, and boy did they come in!

First up, David Maister was kind enough to send me a nice written response, which you can read here. For those not familiar with David, he’s one of the most respected professional service consultants around. If it had stopped there, I would have been pretty happy.

The other responses began to look like a who’s who of the legal economics & KM world – including Stuart Kay of Baker & McKenzie, Australia, Bruce MacEwan, and Gerry Riskin. That lead to this lengthy post which covers their perspectives on the issues raised. There were also a few responses where people preferred I kept things to myself, but that were equally valuable to the process.

Finally, both Gerry and Bruce make the point that this would likely never happen ‘in the off-line world’. How true! And that’s the same kind of interaction that I’m finding so attractive about being here at Slaw, where the comments are often as engaging as the original post!

So as a member in good standing here at Slaw, I’m passing the same questions on to my Canadian colleagues engaged in legal KM. Anything to add?


  1. One of the amazing things about this sort of colleagues’ exchange is just who will happily participate.

    David Maister was one of the delights of Counsel Connect and was happy to share his views on old rock and roll and a million other things.

    You couldn’t pay for the advice you’ve received.