They’re Sitting. No, They Aren’t. Yes, They Are.

I’m having a difficult time keeping up with the House of Commons and the Senate. Are they sitting or not? Last I heard, the House of Commons is again sitting, but the Senate isn’t because there are no Bills for them to deal with just yet from the House.

In my quest to determine the state of things, I had a look at the updated Parliamentary webpages. If you haven’t seen them since the Spring, I encourage you to have a look. A lot is going on there, and I like what I see:

  • They have pulled some of the information previously buried to the foreground so it is easy to locate, such as under “Bills” to the left, they have a link to what is “On today’s agenda in the Senate and House of Commons”.
  • “What’s New on the Site?” to the right is most helpful as well.
  • And my favourite feature, the newly revamped webcast features! You have your choice of: audio or video; all English, all French, or from the Floor (untranslated); House of Commons, Senate or Committees; live or previously recorded. Whew!

    I was thrilled yesterday to be able to have the House of Commons TV running live on my desktop as I worked. The thrill! The excitement! The bandwidth!

    My only worry is that, if we all start watching it simultaneously, our network administrators might not be overly thrilled.


  1. The site looks a lot better, although I find LEGISINFO to be a more effective research site

  2. Too bad there is no good link to it from the main Parliamentary site. I thought they had done away with the Library of Parliament site–I was looking for it also. Thank you for pointing it out!