Google’s RSS Reader

To read my RSS feeds I use a dedicated newsreader application, as opposed to a browser-based reader such as that in Firefox, or a reader offered up as a web application. I guess it’s the old-fashioned part of me that likes to have a program under my control for each of my purposes. But one clear downside to this preference is that when I’m not at my computer I can’t read my feeds. So I turned to Google’s new RSS Reader

I’m a fan: clear and interesting interface, integration with the other Google features I’m already using, such as mail and alerts, and the ability to import an OPML file of my current subscriptions, which is the feature that finally hooked me. Re-entering the many, many subscription URLs was not something I was prepared to face.

Take a look. I think you’ll like it. If you’re not into RSS yet, get in through this door. Just go to — if you have a Google account, sign in; if not, create one and then sign in to Reader — enter Slaw into the search box, and when this weblog comes up at the top of the list, click on subscribe. Now you’ll be reading Slaw’s RSS feed; after that it’s a piece of cake to expand your subscription list so that you’ll have only one place to check each day for those crucial updates that keep you, well, crucial.


  1. Not up to Google’s standards in my mind. The OPML import of my Bloglines acc’t crashed the Google RSS reader. … Also, one of the real powers of RSS is that it’s a scanning technology, and the Google reader doesn’t facilitate fast scrolling of headlines. It’s ok, but not good enough to make me switch.

    Check out Cindy Chick’s thoughts:

  2. Steven’s point about the fast scrolling of headlines still is right. But see Cindy Chick’s revised thoughts: There was in fact something wrong with her computer, not with Google Reader. She still prefers Bloglines but doesn’t hate Google Reader