We Seem to Be Worth $4,084.20

I stumbled on an odd site that values Blogs – and who knows what the methodology is but it values slaw at $4,084.20


Funny that it doesn’t know what industry we’re in.

At the base of the page is its valuation of our links out.

Top 100 Incoming Links
This is a list of the most valuable incoming links at the time OTHER blogs are indexed. It is indicative of FUTURE value not CURRENT value.

Xanada (B$1,086.76)
Vancouver Law Librarian Blog (B$939.06)
excited utterances (B$325.98)
CS-SIS Blawgs Committee (B$296.85)
Stark County Law Library Blawg (B$185.51)
Connie Crosby (B$124.28)
Out of the Jungle (B$122.72)
Connie Crosby Links (B$103.09)
VLLB Linkblog (B$73.04)
All Outgoing Links
This is a list of all recognised outgoing links from this blog. It may not be accurate or complete.


  1. And this week: $4,341.89. We made $257.69 in some sort of metamoney.

  2. Blogshares is a stock market game based out of the U.K. using blogs as the securities. Price is based on links to the blog, links from the blog, and trading. I was playing it for a while but it does take some dedication to get into the upper echelon.

    Blogs are categorized in various industries/subject areas by players for karma points (heh) so it’s just that no one has picked up on it yet to categorize us. Blog “products” are called “Ideas” and there is a whole commodity exchange of Ideas as well. One of these days I’ll go in and categorize it for us if no one else does.

    Simon, if you were to play Blogshares, you could post a badge on Slaw claiming it as the owner, thereby gaining a number of shares in it (I think 1500). If you look at my blog you will see I have done that at the bottom right: http://conniecrosby.blogspot.com . Don’t know what I’m trading at currently though.