PubSub Community Lists

PubSub, using their Linkranks method of analysis, has just opened up a series of community lists to help gauge popularity within different blogging communities.

And probably thanks to Steven Cohen, two of the first lists available are The Librarian List and The Law List. Steven is the editor for the Librarian list, and Kevin O’Keefe for the Law List.

I don’t see Slaw on either list yet, but all things in good time I suppose. :-)


  1. Stevn – the list looks flawed, and I find the winner a little off the beaten track. I’d defer to Connie and others who live in the sphere more, but does this line up with Technorati’s map of the legal blogsphere. It would be interesting to get Dennis Kennedy’s take on the methodology.

  2. I bet it needs to “even out” a little. There is a feedback form for suggesting additional sources. Bet we could come up with lots for both lists!

  3. I’ve noticed my blog jumping up and down both lists. I think the fact that it’s a daily calculation could influence things. Perhaps newer linkage has a greater effect? Not entirely sure, but I’m also not all that impressed with Technorati’s lists either.