LII and Cornell Launch Wex!

The Legal Information Institute and Cornell Law School are announcing Wex, “a collaboratively built, freely available legal dictionary and encyclopedia“.

From the Wex FAQ:

WEX is a collaboratively-edited legal dictionary and encyclopedia. It is intended for a broad audience of people we refer to as “law novices” — which at one time or another describes practically everyone, even law students and lawyers entering new areas of law. No doubt purists will be quick to point out the differences between a dictionary and an encyclopedia. We deliberately blur the distinction, as we are interested in providing objective, useful material in a range of formats.


  1. Interesting about the distinctionbetween a dictionary and an encyclopaedia.
    Of course, Walker’s wonderful Oxford Companion to the Law blurs this distinction fully, as well as being opinionated in a quite non-PC tone, when it discusses labour relations and the legal achievements of the Thatcher government. Sadly, it’s a little dated, and I’ve seen no signs of a revised edition.
    I’m told that Wildy’s has a long waiting list for second-hand copies, so hang on to your originals.

  2. Interesting comment Simon – my Oxford Companion has long been my most valued reference tool. In fact I answered my first reference question from it – someone wanted to know the dates on which Jack the Ripper had been active. Its there! By the way, I just checked ABE – there’s 3 coies for sale at prices from US $110 – $130