King Harald Blåtand (Harold Bluetooth in English) was King of Denmark in the 10th century and before his untimely death in battle with his son, he united parts of present day Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It is the legacy of unification which led Bluetooth technology to be named after King Blåtand as it is a technology which enables various devices to communicate or to be united, it is hoped that Bluetooth technology will be able to unify wireless networking.

I do not profess to be an expert on the subject of Bluetooth technology, I do own a device that is equipped with Bluetooth. When I first acquired my PDA I saw very little evidence of Bluetooth being used, fast forward 9 months and now I am seeing Bluetooth technology becoming more prominent. In simple terms, Bluetooth technology enables different devices (palm devices, cell phones, laptops, desktops, etc.) to transmit information directly from device to device using a radio frequency. No wireless network is required, no cell phone package and no cords. So if you are using your PDA or your laptop and there is a file that you would like on your desktop, you could simply utilize the Bluetooth technology to transmit the file from one device to the other sans email, sans a wireless connection and sans a network. Utilizing Bluetooth technology it is possible to envision an office environment where it would not be necessary for individual users to login to a hardwired LAN or 802.11 wireless network in order to access or transmit information, they could simply communicate directly from device to device.

This type of technology raises many possibilities for the transmission of information and could drastically alter computer networks as we know them. As with many recent developments in technology, Bluetooth also raises privacy and copyright concerns; the ability to transmit files from device to device in such an easily accessible fashion would be very difficult to exert any type of control over. Will the current privacy and copyright issues be adequately addressed before this technology changes the issues? Bluetooth technology also raises network security issues.

Regardless of the issues associated with Bluetooth technology I am eager to see where this technology goes; hopefully the Bluetooth of today will not meet the same messy ending as that of its namesake.

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