Dov Seidman’s Legal Research Machine

It must have been a decade ago in DC when I heard Dov Seidman tell a group of sceptical partners that he (and an adjunct group of academics, powered with technology) could seize a significant part of the market for business clients who wanted legal research.
Since then his business, LRN, has prospered, as can be seen in this press release from LRN about Dupont, which has contracted its outside legal research to Dov for the last 8 years:

A new multi-year agreement for online ethics and compliance education will extend a three-year relationship that has assisted DuPont in educating its nearly 60,000 employees on a range of ethical and legal topics. A separate multi-year agreement renews an eight-year relationship between the companies establishing LRN as the exclusive provider of Expert Legal Research and Analysis to the DuPont corporate law department and its outside counsel.

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