This Week’s Links: 051202

  1. Wikipedia: Cybercrime
    Reuters article: cybercrime
  2. Guardian Unlimited: Royal Society urges caution over open access
  3. Westlaw/eCarswell: Certification
  4. Canada Business Corporations Act: s.14
  5. Find Law
  6. Cornell LII
  7. Information Week: Bill Gates On Supercomputing, Software In Science, And More
  8. WikiBooks
  9. MarketWatch: Digital Rights Management Nightmare
  10. AKME Law Library
  11. UCL’s restitution site
  12. B. H. Weinberg, “Predecessors of Scientific Indexing Structures in the Domain of Religion” [pdf]
  13. E. Garfield, “Association of ideas techniques in documentation: Shepardizing the literature of science”
  14. HeinOnline
  15. LLMC Digital
  16. LLMC Canadian Collection
  17. GoogleBase
  18. R. Sinha, “The blooming of information architecture at Google: A close look at facets, tags & categories in GoogleBase.”
  19. C. Shirky, “Ontology is Overrated: Categories, Links and Tags”
  20. T. Gruber, “Ontology of Folksonomy: A Mash-up of Apples and Oranges”
  21. P. Jasco, “As We May Search” [pdf]
  22. Vancouver Law Librarian’s Blog: Folksonomies – Majority Rules & Tagging Abuse
  23. Current Cites
  24. Current Cites RSS feed [xml]
  25. Firefox
  26. Switch to Firefox
  27. Firefox Add-ons
  28. QuickNote
  29. NetSnippets
  30. foXpose
  31. Tab Preview
  32. Marcus Zillman’s online research tools [pdf]
  33. Washington & Lee: Most-Cited Legal Periodicals Database
  34. Washington & Lee: Most-Cited Legal Periodicals Database: Impact factor
  35. Washington & Lee: Most-Cited Legal Periodicals Database: Immediacy Index
  36. Washington & Lee: Most-Cited Legal Periodicals Database: Ranking methodology
  37. KM World and Intranets 2005
  38. Eweek: Remembering Windows

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