Meta Searching

Jux2 is a meta search, currently in beta version, that brings back results from Google, Yahoo and Ask Jeeves. Each return comes with the ranking it received in each of the above listed search engines. It also includes a feature indentifying what is available exclusive to each engine and what is missing from each engine.

The results can be very interesting and a good reminder that there are varied options for internet searching. (There is also a Mozilla plugin available).


  1. Why I am staying loyal to Copernic.
    What I find strange about these services which purport to be meta-engines is that they seek to run as fast as Google.
    But that’s not what I want from a mega-engine. If it’s cheap, fast and cheerful I’ll use Google Advanced or at times Altavista. I want my mega-engines to bring me all the obscure things I might have missed, because they slip below the radar of the major engines.
    And if the trade-off for that is speed, that’s fine.
    So I’ve adjusted the settings on Copernic so that it cuts off at the top 250 entries per search engine, rather than the top 10 or 20.
    Copernic will eliminate the duplicates, rank the results and then give me the ability to do further searches within the resulting data set.
    Slow – yes. Takes a minute for a complex search. But I can set it to search justCanada, or just to search in French, and it accepts phrase searching. And the results are so rich, that I can’t see Jux2 or Simon’s PreviewSeek replacing it, not unless I can use advanced features, or adjust the algorithms.
    Sometimes speed isn’t everything.

  2. I’m glad to hear someone is using Copernic. I used to use it years ago but for some reason it fell by the wayside. Oh yes, when I switched offices and computers. I should reinstate and start using it again. Which version do you use, Simon?

  3. I’m using Copernic Basic 6.12 Build 722 and then the command Customize Search Engines permits you to modify the defaults.