Good News for Law Reform

Today Ontario’s Attorney General announced a new law reform commission for the province:

January 4, 2006 16:00 Attorney General To Establish New Law Commission Of Ontario Commission To Make Justice System More Accessible

TORONTO, Jan. 4 /CNW/ – The McGuinty government intends to establish a new Law Commission of Ontario, Attorney General Michael Bryant announced today at the Opening of the Courts ceremony.
“We will pursue discussions with the Law Foundation of Ontario, the Law Society of Upper Canada, Ontario’s law schools, and the legal community,” said Bryant. “The goal is to create a modern, relevant and responsive commission that will bring forward recommendations to improve the administration of Ontario’s justice system and enhance access to justice.”
Ontario has not had a law reform commission since 1995. The development of the new Law Commission of Ontario will be a joint effort. The government and its partners in the legal community will work to make this goal a reality in 2006.
“For many years, the previous Law Reform Commission was an important instrument of change in our province’s legal system,” said Bryant. “It was known to forward progressive ideas, ask tough questions and engage in creative, innovative, critical thinking. Our justice system needs the same capacity today.”
The commission’s mandate will be to work with government, the legal profession, the judiciary, the faculties and students of all Ontario law schools and the public, to:

– Examine issues of significant interest and importance
– Develop recommendations designed to improve the administration of Ontario’s justice system and
– Enhance access to justice.

A significant aspect of the mandate of the commission will be to make the justice system more accessible and equitable by using modern technologies to collect and distribute legal knowledge and research.
“I look forward to working with all involved groups on this important project,” said Bryant. “This is part of the McGuinty government’s commitment to an effective and efficient legal system.”

For those of us who remember the old OLRC Reports as being full of solid legal research as well as intelligent analysis and policy options, this is very good news.

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