Slaw Easter Egg – the Comments Feed

The ‘mad’ pace of posting here at Slaw is fast making it a must read for legal research & technology professionals. But even as a contributor, I sometimes find it hard to keep up with all the content we’re producing.

I’m obviously subscribed to the new postings feed, but the real value to a collaborative blog like this is in the online discussion, and I recently found myself linking into each post so I wouldn’t miss out on the comments [The comments are the good stuff! :-)]. Well, I’ve made a few changes recently, and started to use the RSS feed for Slaw Comments.

Why is this handy? For me, anyway, the change is in how I work with my aggregator. I view both feeds one after the other, and then link into those comments I want to add to. That way, I only visit the website when I want to add something to the discussion or to post. It’s a big time savings, and I can’t imagine making my Slaw contribution any easier.

Currently, I only take a comments feed from a few sites, but I’m now thinking that this might be an important tool that I’ve overlooked – especially when it comes from community based or collaborative websites that I care about. This is definitely an area I want to explore more.

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  1. I’ve been wondering about the comments RSS feed, Steve. Thanks for discussing it. I was under the impression one had to sign up for each string of comments as a separate feed which is why I never tried it, but is it all one feed? That would be good; I waste a lot of time going back and forth to look for responses to certain messages so I can respond back, etc.

  2. Yeehaw! This little tip saves me much muddling around, too, Steven. Thanks! It’s a charm! Until your post I didn’t know about the comments feed.

  3. Connie – yes, all in one. And it catches comments on those older posts that have dropped off the front page. I’m finding it very useful.

    Heather – glad to be of help, and very happy that you’re on board!

  4. I guess it’s only an Easter egg for folks who aren’t insiders, the way Steve and Connie are, because if you click on the Subscribe button on the main page you’ll see both feeds described. (At least, I think the comment feed link does the job — please let me know if it doesn’t.) I suppose I should put it on the main page, huh? because people never rtfm. The things you don’t know that others don’t know… until you know.

  5. I know, I know! ;-)

    The way it is worded, however, does sound like it is a separate feed for each group of comments:

    “As well, you can subscribe to the comments that follow any particular article. Go to the posting that interests you — if you read it on the main page, click on the “permalink” beneath it to be taken to the single article page for that posting — and you’ll find the link to the RSS feed for that post’s comments in the small box of text that follows the posting. ”

    Perhaps change the wording?

  6. Thanks, people, for bringing this to my attention. You’re right: the working was weak and the icons on the front page seemed to be the whole story. So I’ve reworked the “subdcribe” page language a bit and added a link to the front page. I think this makes things clearer.