CALL Conference Meetup?

I was wondering (offline) with Michael and Connie, how many Slawyers we have attending the Canadian Association of Law Libraries conference in early May?

And, if there are a significant number of us, what kind of interest there would be for a Slaw Blogger Meetup? (for Contributors & Readers both, of course.)

Ladies & Gentlemen, please chime in… :-)


  1. I’ll be there! 8-)

    Ah, but you knew that already. Anyone else?

  2. I’d love to go — if only to meet Toronto Slawyers I haven’t yet met! I’ll let you know if I can arrange things.

  3. So far it’s a no go for me but I’m still looking at the possibility of making an appearance. It’s only a 5 hour drive away after all!

  4. Not a physical appearance. But who knows what might be possible virtually.

  5. I’ve been promised a beer in the Strathcona, so of course I will be going to Edmonton.

  6. We hope to get other bloggers there as well. Word has it Jim Milles will be around, and possible others.

  7. Yes, I’ll be there, digital recorder in hand.

  8. It is still a bit up in the air as to whether I will be there, but if I am I would like to take part.

  9. I will be there. If there is time it would be great to introduce some others to the Strathcona. It is an old-style prairie tavern. They finally took down the “no minors or women” sign a few years ago, and now its non-smoking too. You never know who you might meet there – I met a very incognito professor emeritus of petroleum engineering once. He didn’t introduce his tablemates, but perhaps they were a retired dean of Harvard and a nobel prize winner :-)

  10. i’ll be there. interested in a meetup (schedule permitting).