Broadband Meets Cellular – Part 2

I wrote about my adventures with the Bell EV-DO Wireless card in an earlier post. Having used this card for a couple of months, I have to tell you I am in no rush to give this up. This card has been a lifesaver in the car and on the road – including on campus.

I have found the speeds at which you access the Internet using this card to be more than acceptable. I even use it around the office when not at my desk and separated from a LAN port.

For the mobile / road warrior the ability to be always on at high speeds changes the way you do business. I know some of you will not give up your PDA / eMail devices. But for me, the ability to have my laptop and the Internet, whether in any of our five offices or elsewhere on the road, makes a huge difference in my ability to cope with day to day demands and get work done.

If you have not tried these new cards yet, give them a whirl! You may find you like them too!

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