This Week’s Links: 060310

  1. Edward Tufte
  3. Slashdot: eBooks – What’s Holding You Back?
  4. Toronto Star: Families steamed over winning Tim Hortons’ cup
  5. Microsoft Press Release: Microsoft Unveils Details for Ultra-Mobile Personal Computers
  6. eWeek: What Will Make ‘Origami’ Devices Tick?
  7. Red Herring: Microsoft Reveals Origami
  8. CultureLibre
  9. Olivier Charbonneau
  10. VLLB: list of Canadian law blogs
  11. Writely
  12. ZDNet: Google acquires Writely – one of my Web Office Suite picks
  13. Software Garden: wikiCalc
  14. Kiko.
  18. SCL: R. Susskind, The Next 10 Years Audio Webcast/Podcast
  19. Arma International: Canadian Policy Brief: New Supreme Court Judge Could Have Big IP Impact
  20. Now: Patently ludicrous
  21. The Age: The law in their hands
  22. Globe and Mail: turned off at university
  23. Turnitin
  24. CALL/ACBD’s Resolution 2000/3
  25. Osgoode Hall American Room
  26. Nicholson Baker: Reviews, Articles, and Responses
  27. Space Time – Relativity, Quantum Physics and the Universe
  28. Wikipedia: Uncertainty principle (humor)
  29. Wikipedia: serendipity
  30. Aarde: Umberto Eco: Serendipities
  31. Current Cites
  32. C. Bailey, What Is Open Access?
  33. Current Cites: re C. Bailey, What Is Open Access?
  34. Libraries Australia
  35. beSpacific]
  36. AMICUS
  37. Innovation Canada: submission of the National Library of Canada
  38. new CALL/ACBD website
  39. Stanley Rule
  40. Sabrina I. Pacifici
  41. Ohio State University
  42. Jurist
  43. Canadian Bar Association’s Press Release
  44. Voyeristic self-indulgence: Mr. Justice Rothstein
  45. Writely
  46. John McCamus
  47. J. McCamus, Law of Contracts
  48. Amazon: G. Fridman, The Law of Contract in Canada
  49. Amazon: J. E Côté, An Introduction to the Law of Contract
  50. Irwin Law: About Us
  51. Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg: John McCamus
  52. Irwin Law: J. McCamus, The Law of Contracts
  53. Representing Children Worldwide
  54. CBC News:
    RIM reaches final BlackBerry settlement with NTP
  55. Cornell: Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States
  56. Library and Archives Canada: Sheet Music From Canada’s Past
  57. Collections Canada: Maple Leaf Rag [mp3]
  58. UCLA: Sheet Music Consoritum
  59. Collections Canada: Harry Thomas, A Classical Spasm [mp3]
  60. Collections Canada: Turkey in the Straw [mp3]
  61. Collections Canada: Doughboy Jack and Doughnut Jill [mp3]
  62. Collections Canada: The Photo of the Girl I Left Behind [mp3]

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