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I’ve just received notification that I’ve been granted the right to play with the newest Google toy, Google Page Creator (GPC). GPC is an online wysiwyg html editor that posts pages you create to a Google server, where they’re offered up to the world.

You’re given the choice of a couple of dozen styles for your site and three or four layouts, all capable of being changed at will, thanks to the marvel of cascading style sheets. They’ve alotted the beta testers (and what isn’t on beta test at Google?) 100 megs of space, which will accept a whole lot of text and a decent number of graphics, which, by the way, you can upload to your Google Page site if you wish.

The controls look pretty good, though I’ve only played with the thing for a few minutes. You can edit the page’s html in portions at least; but I doubt I’ll be able to do completely as I wish with the CSS that governs layout.

What this is not is a blogging tool: there’s no automatic linking of pages to dates or to each other, as there would be in a typical blog. You could, of course, connect the dots yourself, but that would be quite tedious. No, this is a pagemaker for the masses: family sites, nonce sites, and the like.

If you’re interested in playing with GPC, put your name on the waiting list and await the word.

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