This Week’s Links: 060317

  1. Integrated Taxonomic Information System
  2. Google Earth
  3. Google Mars
  4. Mars Odyssey Themis project
  5. About Google Mars
  6. Google Video: Flight Into Mariner Valley
  7. Google News search: google mars
  8. LinuxInsider: Code to Run XP on Mac May Become Open Source
  10. beSpacific
  11. Library Journal
  12. Library Journal: Indefatigable – Sabrina Pacifici
  13. Conference: Computers in Libraries 2006
  14. Computers in Libraries 2006: Free Cybertour: “Blogs for Managing Content” – Thurs. March 23, 12 – 2 pm
  15. Computers in Libraries 2006: Post-Conference Workshop: “Mining Blogs & RSS for Research” – Sat. March 25, 1:30 – 4:30 pm
  16. Special Libraries Association conference in Baltimore, June 10, 2006
  17. Google Pages
  18. St. Patrick’s Day
  19. St. Patrick’s Day: Parades & Events
  20. Journal of Appellate Practice and Process
  21. Parker v. Google [pdf]
  22. Google prevails in copyright suit
  23. Google News: Google’s fight with the Department of Justice
  24. Google in court for copying porno
  25. Perfect 10 v. Google [pdf]
  26. Gonzales v. Google [pdf]
  27. Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages
  28. Archived Front Pages
  29. Saskatoon StarPhoenix
  30. Today’s Front Pages: About/Contact
  31. TenByTen
  32. newsmap
  33. Tarlton Law Library: Journal contents
  34. IndexMaster
  35. TreePad
  36. OmniOutliner
  37. FreeMind
  38. Yale Information Society Project: A2K Conference
  39. ABA Section of Litigation: Law Student Quick Poll [pdf]
  40. Edmonton Law Libraries Association: Headstart 2006
  41. CALL
  42. CALL conference 2006
  43. Connie Crosby
  44. VLLB
  45. CALL Blog 2006
  46. Vox Bibliothecae
  47. Knowledge Jolt With Jack: Link between KM and Social Software
  48. Collaborative Thinking: Social Software: Knowledge Management Redux
  49. Practicesource
  50. Electronic Frontier Foundation: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act: FAQ
  51. Federal Judicial History: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
  52. Chenoweth-Hage right to challenge pat-downs
  53. CRS Report for Congress: Interstate Travel: Constitutional Challenges to the Identification Requirement etc. [pdf]
  54. Airport ID checks legally enforced?
  55. Gilmore v. Ashcroft [pdf]
  56. amendments to the Canada Evidence Act
  57. University of Toronto Faculty of Law: The Security of Freedom conference
  58. University of Ottawa: Human Rights Research and Education Centre: Students Concerned About Human Rights in New Age of Anti-Terrorism Legislation
  59. Library of Parliament
  60. Eric Gertner
  61. John Swan
  62. Semelhago v. Paramadevan
  63. Guardian Unlimited: A benchmark of British justice
  64. High Trees case
  65. University of New Brunswick: Faculty of Law: N. Siebrasse, “Damages in Lieu of Specific Performance: Semelhago v Paramadevan [pdf]
  66. Business Week
  67. NY Times Link Generator
  68. Backend.Userland.Com: Accessing the NY Times archive through their RSS feeds
  69. New York Times: Anonymous Source Is Not the Same as Open Source
  70. Microsoft: Security at Home: what is spear phishing?
  71. Federal Trade Commission: FTC and Canadian Consumer Protection Agencies Kick Off March as Fraud Prevention Month
  72. Competition Bureau – March Declared “Fraud Prevention Month” in Canada and Around the World
  73. Reporting Economic Crime Online – RECOL
  74. Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)
  75. PhoneBusters
  76. PhoneBusters: Sample Letter Refusing Acceptance of Goods [Word doc]
  77. Boing Boing: Citibank PIN/ATM fiasco “worst ever,” involves more banks
  78. ArchiveGrid
  79. ResearchBuzz

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