Supreme Court Transcripts

Have any SLAWyers knowledge of Supreme Court plans to make the full-text of transcripts of argument available via the Web? The information on their Web-site simply notes that copies may be requested for a fee. This is something that the High Court of Australia has been making available via AustLII for over ten years now and is tremendously useful for researchers. Not only do you get an idea of the judges’ thinking from their comments, but the transcripts are a goldmine of useufl information and insight into complex issues confronting the highest appellate courts. Perhaps SLAW could take a role in urging the Court to take up the project?


  1. A good many years ago I recall that Osgoode was a repository for matter filed on appeals to the Ontario Court of Appeal. I found the memoranda etc. useful as teaching tools. Not the same thing as transcripts of arguments, of course, but futher material in the public domain that might be more accessible than it is. As well, arguments in video format are available from CPAC, but these cost a bit.

  2. I’m not sure t he transcripts would be all that useful, Nick – there is a lot of boring technical argument at the SCC – but it would be great to have access to the factums – at present we have to get these by ordering directly from the court – I think either CANLII or the epublishers have or are looking at this, but I don’t know where it know stands.