Geist Lecture, Webcast and Podcast

Michael Geist is giving the Hart House lecture tonight, Our Own Creative Land: Cultural Monopoly and the Trouble with Copyright. Watch the webcast at 7.30. Or listen to the podcast which will appear on’s RabblePodcastNetwork (great site, by the way).


  1. One blog comments on the webfeed:
    Mr Geist’s talk? While I couldn’t hear all of it, and the camera was only pointing to him and never his slides, what I did hear and see was great as always. Mr Geist went into the wonderful creative things about what can be done with new media, and then discussed some of the threats from those who would prefer to keep things the way they were in the past. He also discussed the problems with the current consultation process and how it largely excludes stakeholders that are not incumbent stakeholders.
    The slides were integral to the argument and were Michael’s riff on Dick Hardt’s wonderful presentation on Identity 2.0 at