Ontario Gazette – Website Relaunched

The Ontario Gazette, containing the province’s legal notices as well as regulations, has relaunched its website today: http://www.ontariogazette.gov.on.ca/. The Recent Issues section includes issues from about the last three months linked directly from the page. Issues back to January 2000 are available from a database linked from the aptly named Back Issues page.

This is great news since previously a number of back issues had been removed. Law librarians and others had been quite vocal about having the issues reinstated, so it is good to see them back.

There is also the ability to search across the gazettes from the Search page. And don’t forget to submit some feedback about the site once you’ve tried it out!

They have rebranded the site as a Service Ontario site. Service Ontario is a new entity for which there is not yet other web presence as far as I can tell.

I also note they appear to have created the website as a portal which tracks users through the site by giving the session an ID tag in the URL (similar to the way Amazon and others track where you have been on their sites by adding session and location tags into the URL as you surf around). I have removed those tags from the links above so the legacy of my search session doesn’t show up when you link to their site. You will get to start your own session tag. Heh.

My one criticism is that they should make the site findable by having links from sites such as e-Laws and the Ministry of Government Services.

I was on the new site this morning but didn’t realize this was just launched today. Thanks to Dawn Urquhart for the “heads up”.


  1. Here is the main Service Ontario website: http://www.serviceontario.ca/ . I couldn’t find it from the main Government of Ontario website http://www.gov.on.ca but when I was looking at some of the services linked from this site, I was kicked out to it.