BlawgWorld 2006

BlawgWorld 2006 is a 112 page PDF report now available without registering for Technolawyer. This report profiling 52 law blogs came out in November 2005, and our own Steve Matthews’ blog Vancouver Law Librarian Blog is included. This report is a snapshot of some “best of” blog posts.

Thanks to a recent post from Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog for pointing this out.


  1. This was a great project to be a part of… a bit of debate when it was first put out about it not being in a blog format, and that it was simply being used to drive TechnoLawyer subscribers, but overall I thought it had impact. It was downloaded by a ton of Lawyers, and initiated many readers not familiar with law blogs.

  2. Thanks for pointing us back to the debate, Steve. I remember looking at the TechnoLawyer website when the review first came out, and I decided it wasn’t worth signing up for yet another subscription to have a quick look. I think opening it up 6 months (or whatever time period) after the fact is a good strategy….some of us may be more inclined to sign up for next year’s when it is first released.

  3. Thanks – I thought the content was interesting, but I felt that most of the entrants had submitted columns. They were just too polished, not enough edge or jokes. Taking the bloggers out of blogs, they became different writers: or perhaps it was just the request that encouraged them to be on their best behaviour.

  4. Hey, ‘edge’ is my middle name! well ok, not really, it’s Albert. :-) Entrants were asked to submit 2 of their best posts from the previous year.

    I agree with you Simon, I read blogs for candid impressions from the writers. Maybe participants submitted more analytical works to create credibility for the medium…