Quick News Hits

Quick News on the last day of classes here at Dal….

Students Draft Ontario Legislation. (Toronto Star)
Is this the beginning of a trend? Think of the possibilities. Kurtz had something to say about that didn’t he?

Speaking of students. (Jurist) If you are going be age-ist, go all the way.

Harper willing to re-open Constitutional debate. (CBC) Whoo-hoo, life has been far too boring lately! You see the burning technological issue in my mind is that it remains very difficult to convey sarcasm via the web.

Da Vinci (Canoe) Does anyone else find the timing of all this rather suspect?

A black eye on the practice of law, from NB. (CBC)

Legal Aid issues in NL. (CBC)


  1. Given the scarcity of House time, the idea that any minute of legislative attention would be surrendered to a civics project strikes me as ludicrous.

  2. re: Da Vinci Code decision.

    Michael Baigent, one of the claimants representing The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail was interviewed on CTV this morning. He has a new book just coming out, but claims the timing was accidental, that the book was delivered to his publisher last summer and the date for the book release was picked back then before the court case was scheduled; plus, the court case went long. He said he would have preferred these events to have been separate because now the court case is overshadowing his book…..hmmm.

    I think DVC has become an unexpected industry unto itself, and whatever the story this is all adding to the hype.

  3. Well I was also thinking that next weekend is Easter, the movie is coming out around Easter, the book was recently released in paperback, and now Baigent has a book as well. It is all too convenient and follows a long line of celebrities in the courts right around the same time as a movie release. As they say in Hollywood, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

  4. And the Kurtz I was referring to was the Kurtz of the Colonel variety.