South African Law on the Web

It seems that whenever I link to AustLII I discover something new, which always surprises me, although it shouldn’t by now. Today’s surprise was to link to the SAFLII site (Southern African Legal Information Institute) and to see just how much has been placed on the Web since I last looked, quite a while ago. As well as legislation and cases from the major courts, there is also a plethora of information from the various provinces, material from law journals and the South African Law Reform Commission and government information. Decisions from the Supreme Court of Namibia frm 2005 are also now present. Other African “LIIs” are those from Zambia and Burkina Faso. Its great to see such a growing presence from a part of the world which has been sorely under-represented for so long. A ‘giant’ that is still missing of course is Nigeria.


  1. True Nick, and the development is great to see, considering that the English language law reports from that part of the world seem to have been so spotty.

    On Nigeria, the best introduction I’ve seen is at On the Nigerian equivalent of a national legal portal, there are some law reports – see, the Constitution is at, and the usual Jurist links are helpful at as is the Library of Congress and Lex Mundi at

  2. If you check on worldlii at there is a llink under African databases to Nigerian legislation and cases – the link comes from which I congratulate on finally providing us with a good free site to the law of the Commonwealth.