A post by John Davis last week — Open Text Mining Interface — led me to a service called (unhappily) CiteULike. It’s a kind of for scholars: you find a scholarly article you like and “send” it to your CiteULike account. Automatically a citation is formed and stored, along with an abstract where available and your own tags. Others can then see the material you’ve uploaded if the tags you’ve used interest them.

There is a host of features I haven’t yet plumbed: watchlists, interest groups, the capacity it seems to upload a pdf from your hard drive, and more.

A search for articles tagged with “law” throws up a few hundred finds (as well as some spam — even here!). There’s some fun in browsing through this list to see what interests others; there’d be more fun if specialized law groups began to gather sets of resources in a serious way.

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