Making Ontario Regulations More Accessible

Thanks to the sharp-eyed Laurel MurdochPerforming in Session 11 at CALL next week – don’t miss her for pointing out a new pilot site for explaining in plain language the rationale for Ontario regulations.

The site explains that it’s a one-stop website that makes it easier for businesses to find out about the Government of Ontario’s proposed Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council regulations that affect them and learn about regulations recently approved.

It’s run by the Small Business Agency of Ontario, so it has a business law focus. It’s designed to facilitate the exchange of information between government regulators and businesses regarding regulatory proposals and small business impacts.

Though the lack of collaborative feedback mechanisms is clear – this is a traditional website. Send your comments the traditional way.

The Regulatory Registry only posts regulatory proposals that have been provided by Ministries, so don’t expect politically sensitive stuff.

The Regulatory Registry’s objectives are to:

Assist the Ontario government in becoming aware of how new regulations could affect small business competitiveness; and,
Improve business awareness and participation in the development of Ontario regulations, which will lead to better regulations that are easier to understand and comply with.

The first phase is a pilot phase in which the following eight Ministries are participating:

Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Economic Development and Trade
Government Services
Northern Development and Mines
Research and Innovation

On balance this won’t set the world on fire but it’s good to have this sort of transparency. I suppose it’s closest to the federal government’s similar site, but with a small business focus.

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