This Week’s Links: 060505

  1. Cinco de Mayo
  2. WordNet
  3. WordNet online
  4. Visual Thesaurus
  5. Oxford English Corpus
  6. Sketch Engine
  7. Current Cites
  8. EFF: DeepLinks: The Season of Bad Laws, Part 2: Criminal Copyright Infringement, Drug War Style
  9. Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade: Regulatory Registry
  10. Government of Canada Regulation Web Site
  11. CALL Conference 2006: Detailed Program
  12. CNEWS (via AP): Internet Archive faces copyright suit
  13. Parker v. Google [pdf]
  14. Centre for Internet Research: N. Brügger, “Archiving Websites: General Considerations and Strategies”
  15. NY Times: Keeper of Expired Web Pages Is Sued Because Archive Was Used in Another Suit
  16. Law Firm Accused of Internet Hacking
  17. PR Newswire: New ALM/West Strategic Partnership Brings ALM Content Exclusively to Westlaw
  18. ALM’s list of publications
  20. ALM Law: New ALM/West Strategic Partnership Brings ALM Content Exclusively to Westlaw
  21. Association of Legal Administrators conference in Montréal
  22. ALA Conference: B. Shucha, “The Hot New Technology for Communication & Information” [ppt]
  23. University of Wisconsin Law Library: B. Shucha, “The Hot New Technology for Communication & Information” [ppt]
  24. ALA Conference: B. Shucha: rationales for law firm blogging
  25. Larry Bodine
  26. N. Burke: LiveBlogging from the ALA Conference
  27. Larry Bodine’s PROFESSIONAL SERVICES MARKETING Blog: Prominent Librarian Warns Against Using Software
  28. CiteULike
  30. Jurist
  31. Court TV
  32. Webby Awards
  33. CALI
  34. University of Victoria Faculty of Law, R. McCue, “Research in a Digital World -or- Personal Knowledge Management for Legal Researchers” pdf]
  35. Ongoing: How to Send Data
  36. Howstuffworks
  37. Howstuffworks: encryption
  38. PGP
  39. PracticePro: Managing the Security and Privacy of Electronic Data in a Law Office [pdf]
  40. Government of Canada main page
  41. Government of Canada splash page
  42. Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine
  43. AustLII
  44. SAfLII
  45. ZamLII
  46. JuriBurkina
  47. New York University: GlobaLex: Guide to Nigerian Legal Information
  48. International Centre for Nigerian Law
  49. Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
  50. Jurist: Nigerial
  51. Library of Congress: guide to Nigerian law
  52. Hieros Gamos: Nigeria
  53. WorldLII
  54. CommonLII
  55. Connie Crosby
  56. LLRX: C. Crosby: Tao of Law Librarianship
  57. LLRX
  58. LLRX: C. Crosby: Tao of Law Librarianship: Librarian on the Verge of KM
  59. University of Arizona: Living the Future Conference 2006: proceedings
  60. Law in Firm [pdf]
  61. Village-Justice
  62. CA Bellure [pdf]
  63. Chroniques de la propriété intellectuelle: créations olfactives
  64. Lancôme Parfums et Beauté et cie S.N.C. v. Kecofa B.V.
  65. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Vol. 11 No. 1-3 [pdf]
  66. Rocky Mountain News: L. Ryckman: Food preferences offer clues to your perfect match
  67. H. Kurtz: Bylines, Datelines and Fault Lines at The N.Y. Times
  68. Lone Swordsman’s Space: Culinary plagiarism is not illegal, but it is embarrassing
  69. Rogov’s Ramblings: The Art of Writing Workable Recipes
  70. E. Miller: A Day in the Life of a Research Assistant
  71. B. Cross: Top 10 Things Law Librarians Want New Associates to Know

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