More From CALL/ACBD 2006 – a Call for a Legal Taxonomy

Well, Simon Fodden’s intuition was correct. There does appear to be a need for a model legal taxonomy which can be used across Canada. At the CALL/ACBD conference in the Members’ Open Forum, there was a call for someone to put together one taxonomy for common and civil law rather than everyone reinvent the wheel. I don’t see that any official vehicle was put into place to achieve this other than it being a possible future research project. There does seem to be a lining up of the stars on this one if there is someone who wants to take the idea and move it forward.


  1. This does seem to be something that Slaw could work on, I have to say. I’m going to talk to those who initially showed some interest and see if we can come up with a way to proceed. Readers can consider this an open invitation to participate: write me at