CALL Hangover?

My first CALL Conference ended last Wednesday, and I’d like to say thanks to the many members of CALL that made the experience first class!

I met an amazing number of people, and for the first time was able to put faces to names. From listserv personalities to fellow Slaw members, the Canadian law library community suddenly become tangible to me. A large percentage of people I spoke with had exposure to me via Slaw or my personal blog, and in traditional Librarian fashion, didn’t hesitate to introduce themselves! As someone who can become locked in their ‘reserved’ moments, I appreciated my blogging activities for what it had become – a much needed ice breaker. :-)

As expected, there were too many ideas to consume (and way too many to mention). The sessions were very helpful, but as many friends pointed out to me prior, the real ‘gems’ came from the ‘other’ conversations. I thought the KM pre-conference was outstanding, and the CALL Blog addition was much more successful than any of us had envisioned.

I went back to work on Thursday morning completely exhausted, only to find a lovely stack of 50 task-based emails from the 5 days I was gone [how does that happen!?!]. I’ve been working though these ever since, and now 4 work days later, the ‘fires’ are slowing and I’m starting to dig my way out.

I haven’t been to a ton of conferences, but I’d rank this as one of the best. I will definitely be back, and perhaps next year we can persuade the whole Slaw team show up in Ottawa!

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