CanLII Find – by Citation

Alejandro (Alex) Manevich, the multi-talented research lawyer at Ogilvy Renault in Toronto, writes to say that he likes our CanLII Find bookmarklet so much that he changed it. He finds he uses citations as his query terms, and so he’s hacked the little thing to make it search CanLII for the citations of his choice.

His happy modification is here: CanLII Find – Citation (IE).

Note that this only works with IE. (I’ll see if I can whip up a Firefox version.) Drag it to your favourites bar or treat it as a bookmark. If you highlight a citation and then click on the CanLII Find Citation link — bingo! — you’ll be presented with the hotlink to the thing itself, or, if you prefer, simply click on the link and a text entry box will appear into which you can type your desired citation.

Thanks to Alex for this. Hack on.

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