A link in a recent post by Patrick Cormier — La pratique du droit | Comment exploiter les technologies web 2.0? — led me to ajaxWrite and a cluster of other Web 2.0 applications. AjaxWikipedia: “Ajax, shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a Web development technique for creating interactive web applications.”Write seeks to be a fully-fledged word processor the latest version of which is always and everywhere available to you, no matter what platform you’re using, and free. (It only works with Firefox, though, so to test it you IE users sneak off to that special machine that hosts the really good browser.) I’ll say this for it, it works: it will open any Word or WordPerfect document and will save to those formats and others, but — it’s still slow (though not nearly so slow as Word) and a bit quirky (though not nearly so quirky as Word). So we’re not there yet. However, if you ever find yourself without the means to open a word processing document or to draft up something halfway decently formatted, turn to ajaxWrite.

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