Keeping Up With Web 2.0

Simon Fodden’s last post reminded me of a question that someone asked me at the CALL conference: how do you keep up with Web 2.0? In other words, what current awareness sources do I use to stay current on new Web 2.0 applications and other developments?

My general answer is that I read a variety of blogs and surf the web. But I’m not sure that I really truly stay on top of things; I still feel like I hear about most things third-hand.

Is there a better answer? Are there any fantastic e-zines or blogs that are really “tapped in” to Web 2.0 out there?


  1. I just came across Library Clipslists lists lists web2.o lists lists lists — a list of something like 50 blogs and other sources having to do with Web 2.0. Can’t say I’ve trolled through it myself, but I’m likely to.

  2. Definitely the tech blogs. Check out the Web2.0 Workgroup – Dave Winer, Steven Cohen, Robert Scoble, et al.

  3. Techcrunch, Om Malik and Steve Rubel are my three top sources.

  4. i’m only a dabbler, but o’reilly’s radar is how i hear about web 2.0 stuff. they also have good coverage of publisher 2.0 stuff as well :)

  5. If you’re interested in Web 2.0 happening in governments, I suggest Government 2.0 Think Tank.