Wish Lists

What do legal researchers really want?

From technology, I mean. We spend a bit of time here at Slaw fielding the news about this and that technical development initiated by others and helping each other cope with change that if not forced on us then certainly is, like the weather, happening without our informed consent. But if we had our druthers, what would our druthers be?

I know we want others to get beyond email. The wish has been expressed here more than once, for example, that legal publishers should wake up and smell the RSSes, so to speak. Ordinary lawyers should get with knowledge management. But this isn’t the sort of thing I mean.

I mean you. If you could command one of Mr. Gates’s legions — or even just a cohort — what prize would you point them to?

Let me hear some items on your wish lists. Who knows, we might just inspire someone to build it because we’ve come asking rather than reacting.

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