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Dear Slawer-friends –

The Ottawa Citizen (main newspaper of Canada’s National Capital Region) featured today a full two page story in the tech weekly section, written by Peter Hum, on Government 2.0 Think Tank (“G2TT”), a private association dedicated to open source government. This marks the official launch of G2TT. More information on the association can be found in the G2TT Charter.

Aside from the interesting aspects of implementing web 2.0 in governments, I suspect that Slawers may be interested by one of the challenges identified in the first G2TT project – Project Eureka: Uninformed Copyright. By uninformed copyright, I mean the automatic “all rights reservered” that comes with information created by public servants (except in the US). By promoting awareness to the fact that licensing alternatives are possible, such as licensing through creative commons licenses, information created by governments ought to flow back more easily back to taxpayers, whenever needed.


  1. Congratulations & kudos Patrick. :-)

    from the piece….

    “In Patrick, I see a leader and one of the few people I know I am willing to follow,” says Petrescu. “He is very social, has a very good knowledge of the subject and is not too involved in the technological aspect to forget about the business benefits Web 2.0 tools could provide to the Canadian government.”

    very nice!

  2. Thank you Steven. Have you seen the actual paper of the online version? *curious* The paper version got me a lot of smiles that day… quite a picture in it (not in the online version) (!!)

  3. only the online edition… were you looking more ‘chipper’ than you normally do? ;-)

  4. I have sent you the article at; you’ll understand. If and when I get permission from the Ottawa Citizen I’ll include the link to the pdf file publicly. Cheers -pat