John Gregory

I’m very pleased to be able to announce that John Gregory has joined Slaw as an occasional contributor. John is General Counsel at the Policy Division of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. He also runs an email list on electronic commerce and is an all-round expert on the intersection of law and technology. We’re honoured that he’s joined us.


  1. Welcome aboard John. I’ll presume this was your comment? If so, sounds like you’ll fit right in. :-)

  2. John and I go way back to 1985 when he was hired to replace me in the policy branch of the Ministry of the Attorney General. Simon’s comments don’t really do John justice. John has been Ontario’s UNCITRAL dude on all matters concerning electronic commerce, he has been the principal Ontario civil servant driving forward electronic documents legislation, he has been the President of the Uniform Law Conference of Canada, the co-chair of the Global E-commerce Policy Subcommittee, Cyberspace Committee of the ABA Business Law Section, and has been seconded to the Ontario Cabinet Office.

    And by the way, he managed to lead his list-serv very succesfully while on sabbatical in the South of France, without many of us recognizing that he wasn’t up the street as usual.

    If his list-serv were founded today, I suspect it would be a group blog. So it’s really apt that he joins notre équipe.

  3. Too kind, all of you. It is I who am honoured by the company I get to keep on Slaw. Yes, Steve, that was my comment. I’m afraid that “occasional” will be very accurate for my contributions, but I’m happy to have the chance.

    I wonder what “UNCITRAL dude” is in the other UN languages …

  4. It is never too late to say welcome!!! ;-)