Continuous Partial Attention — the Wiki

We’ve looked at the phenomenon of “continuous partial attention” before in a post by Joel Alleyne. Now Linda Stone, the coiner of the phrase, has a wiki that’s all about the topic, for those of you who want to pay more than, well, partial attention to it. At the moment, though, there’s simply a definition of the problem and a few links to her talks and press. I imagine more will be coming.

Perhaps as interesting, if I’m not skipping too hastily to another point, is the tool she’s using, JotSpot, which is a free (in its basic form) wiki that’s structured more like a Web 2.0 collaborative tool, i.e. for those who are perhaps less geeky than the pure wiki crowd. Here’s where you can find a substitute for the sequestered Writely, as well as a spreadsheed function, the ability to upload files, to comment, and to share editing with others.


  1. I like her additional discussion on the wiki about “always being in crisis mode.” I find this particularly endemic of U.S. media: watching the U.S. news is always one potential crisis after another. If the news is any indication (and I know it isn’t always) it must be very stressful to live there! I find our weather reports are becoming like this–every little storm has the potential to be the worst storm we have seen in years and you had better stay in your house. It hasn’t become quite so bad yet with Canadian news.