Better Hosting, Hopefully

This may be too prosaic a question for slaw, and perhaps replying to me privately would be better (… but can anyone recommend a good hosting service? I know there are some exceptional offers out there…


  1. So, are you getting any good feedback? I’m wondering if a wee summary might be in order if you do.


  2. Yes, I would like to see a summary.

  3. Michael, I have to say that despite the recent glitches, Bluehost, where Slaw lives, is a really good host for you to consider. ( They’re inexpensive, you get a lot of space and bandwidth, and they have support available by telephone (800 number) 24/7. I’ve been quite pleased. And I should say that the last few bumps were caused by power supply problems in Utah.

    I’ve also heard good things about Laughing Squid: