Prolific Wikipedia Contributor From Ottawa

An article in today’s Globe and Mail came to attention this morning, and I thought it may be of interest (though not necessarily news) to Slaw readers, perhaps in particular other Canadians and Wikipedia users. It seems a young man from Ottawa, Simon Pulsifer, is Wikipedia’s “busiest contributor”, having created 2000-3000 articles under his own name and edited 78,000 others, according to the Globe article.

I say this is not necessarily news as the Globe by no means broke this story: a quick web (not wikipedia) search on Mr. Pulsifer yielded several interviews and articles from earlier in the year which declare him to be Wikipedia’s most prolific contributor and the Wikipedia Wonderboy. The Globe site does also contain a review of an on-line chat session which Mr. Pulsifer did earlier today through the Globe site.

Personally I was quite pleased to read that Mr. Pulsifer’s mother is a librarian and would like to attibute his apparent vast knowledge and desire to share it at least partly to that fact. But do Slaw readers find it interesting that the article refers to several of the lifestyle characteristics noted in the StatsCan study discussed in an earlier post on Slaw by our Simon C, given that Simon P is apparently a heavy Internet user? Are those characteristics relevant to his achievements and contributions, or are they perhaps intended to provide some comfort to those who cannot quite relate to this man’s pursuits?

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