Slaw’s Second Theme Week

It’s my pleasure to announce that Slaw will have its second theme week starting Monday, August 7 — yes, the Monday that’s holiday Monday for most of the country. The theme is grey legal literature and our theme leader is the redoubtable Michael Lines, Slawyer and Law Librarian and Information Coordinator / Bibliothécaire et coordonnateur de l’information at the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice / Forum canadien sur la justice civile in Edmonton.

Grey lit is a very broad concept, which, until Michael focuses us more precisely, might be said to comprise online literature that’s neither available through one of the usual commercial databases nor found easily with a Google search.

We invite you to join us in sharing techniques for finding grey lit, special sources you’ve sequestered, concerns and ideas about making grey lit more readily available, and anything else that you think relevant to the topic. As we did during the last theme week (on copyright), we encourage you to comment on posts or to submit posts yourself by email to

Michael has planned to post each day on aspects of legal grey lit and will often be joined by guest bloggers he’s invited to the feast. Please join us, too.

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