Oor Wullie & the Humourless Magistrates

Observe Willie JohnstoneNot that Wullie.

WillieA spokesman for Her Majesty’s Court Service confirmed that the court had filed a complaint against Mr Johnstone, who is married and is originally from Ayr in Scotland. is being investigated by the Law Society after he dropped his trousers inside a packed court in protest over security measures.

See what you’re reduced to when you don’t have Charter remedies to protest unreasonable search.

And so without further ado, here’s Willie:
Willie Johnstone


  1. By a strange coincidence Scottlish football player named Willie Johnston who played for awhile with the Vancouver Whitecaps in the 70’s who I recall peformed a similar act on the field in response to unhappiness over a referees call. I also recall he impressed me in the same game by taking a swig of beer offered by a fan before taking a free throw.

    It’s best to remember that Scotland has a unique culture and social customs.