Infobits by Phone

I don’t have a Black Berry — deadly admission, I know, revealing a distinct lack of social status, because, rather like visits to Tokyo, you can’t manage it unless it’s a corporate expense, which necessitates the presence of an interested and able corporation, that source of all power in today’s world.

But I do have a cell phone and, moreover, one that can do text messaging, painfully because there’s not keyboard per se (have I mentioned that I don’t have a Black Berry?). Text messaging is a feature that I’d never used until today, Bcz IDK any1 LS who Duz + 404See NetLingo Dictionary.

Today was TM Day 1 because I just learned about Google Short Message Service. You put in a query, ship it off to phone number 46646 (aka GOOGL) (my phone number is quite a few digits longer than that — wonder how Google managed it — must ask Bell to give me a snappy short one too) and seconds later you get the answer via text messaging. I could use the web, of course: even my phone-which-is-not-a-Black-Berry can access the web. But the connections are slow and the WAP interfaces less than useful most of the time.

There’s a Google SMS help page which explains what sort of thing you can use the feature for — directions from point to point, business information, movie showtimes, general information etc. And back on the main Google SMS page there’s a demo search box which lets you perfect your technique without incurring the charges that your phone plan might levy for messaging. For example, entering g slaw gives you what you see to the right.

Now if they could only fix it so that entering a case name gave you the headnote…

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