It’s something of a stretch from postage stamps to the main business of Slaw, and I’m not sure I’m going to even try it with these old ligaments. But I found the government announcement interesting enough to share, nonetheless:

Canada Post today announced the introduction of a new non-denominated stamp that will retain its value forever. The PERMANENT™ stamp will be accepted at the basic domestic Lettermail rate and replaces next year’s 52¢ domestic rate definitive stamps. The PERMANENT stamp will eliminate the need to purchase 1¢ stamps after a rate increase, doing away with the need for Canadians to worry about ‘using up’ postage stamps before a rate increase takes effect.
Government of Canada News: “Pennywise Canadians to benefit from new PERMANENT tm stamp”

First thing I thought of was hoarding, but that’s perhaps because I live in Toronto where we try to bag as many transit tokens as possible just before an imminent fare increase. But it seems that hoarding is just fine with Canada Post: “The PERMANENT stamp will allow customers to purchase stamps in large quantities or coils, and use them anytime…” It may be as well that the cost of producing all those one-cent stamps — 430 million of which have been printed in the last six years — is simply too great.

That said, I will reach out towards legal research and IT after all… Notice that the stamp has a name; and notice that the name is “trademarked”; and notice that the trademarked name is an ordinary, nay, vital English word: “The PERMANENT™ stamp” Is Canada Post now part of the madness that has overtaken enterprises in their grasping at IP rights? What’s the point here anyway, given that no one else is in the business of selling postage stamps?

Okay, that’s law, you say, but where’s the IT? Well, the new stamp business has caused me to discover that Canada Post has joined forces with and now is in the business of selling domain name registrations and hosting plans.

All that for less than a cent.


  1. I liked those 1cent stamps! Equally not particularly relevant to SLAW, but great news for stamp collectors is that the Royal will begin issuing new stamps in January features the covers of Beatles LP’s including Revolver, Abbey Road, and Sgt. Pepper. I guess the double-white album wouldn’t make a good cover. See the cbc story on this at

  2. Why wouldn’t they have trademarked the more distinct phrase “Permanent Stamp” rather than the common-but-capitalized word “PERMANENT” ?