Disruptive Websites – Business 2.0 Reviews

Via Erick Schonfeld, Business 2.0 has a new article up profiling an interesting list of ‘disruptive’ online businesses.

Here’s Eric’s top 11, with deep links into each profile:

1. Netvibes (The new personalized startpage)

2. EEStor (Gentlemen, stop your engines)

3. Coghead (DIY software)

4. NextMedium (Web marketplace for product placement)

5. Applied Location (Skymeter—fighting traffic with GPS)

6. Salesforce.com (The Oracle-killing, Web database)

7. BlueLithium (Google’s new ad-versery)

8. Clearwire (Craig McCaw’s WiMax play)

9. Zopa (Peer-to-peer banking)

10. Jajah (VoIP 2.0)

11. NanoLife Sciences (Cancer-blasting antiprotons)

A number of new-to-me sites in there — 4,5, 9,10 & 11, to be specific. Very interesting…


  1. If this sort of thing appeals, take a look at the list of promising start-ups that are being featured at DEMOfall ’06. There are some 70 chosen winners out of the 1500 that applied. If nothing else, it’ll give you a sense of where they and Demo think things are going in the near future.

  2. Not a regular posting topic for me, but I read through those I recognized, and thought it might be worth passing along. Business 2.0 & Fast Company are two reads I just can’t seem to give up post-bubble… Sometimes I even miss the Industry Standard. :-)