Visualize Product Size …

… or Sorry, Honey, I could have sworn it was bigger in the picture!

Can you visualize somethign that is 192 x 45.6 x 32 mm? Me neither. That’s where sizeasy comes in. Just enter the dimensions of something and compare it to other common objects such as a deck of cards, a box of matches, a bottle of wine, etc, so you can see just how big it really is. And you can view it from different angles! Cool! See some examples here.

Now when I’m shopping for gems on eBay, I’ll know when that gorgeous Canadian diamond that looks HUGE in the picture is really just a little chip in real life. Then again, since I’m not going to buy it anyway, a girl can dream can’t she?

Found at BoingBoing.

Speaking of Boing Boing, I subscribe to the feed. It’s a hugely popular site with excellent contributors and it’s a great source of “Friday Amusements” that I post on our internal blog. But it’s also a good practical resource. They regularly post content that is about Canada and/or legal news.

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