First Year Law Students

Interesting post in about how the first year law students appear to an experienced law librarian, and what their attitudes are to books and paper materials, and to legal research assignments.

This is the start of the so-called Millennial Generation who have been told that they are:

Special: have been told they are special all their lives.

Sheltered: kept from harm’s way and have highly structured lives.

Confident: see special; they expect good news and believe in themselves.

Conventional: accept social rules.

Team-oriented: they like to work together and keep in contact with peers.

Achieving: see special, confident and team-oriented; they expect to accomplish a lot.

Pressured: much is expected from them.

Read the article to see how they cope with law school and legal research. And how they will fit into the legal profession.


  1. It reminds me of “Law School Confidential”, by Robert H. Miller. Miller, an attorney and 1998 University of Pennsylvania law school graduate, shares his knowledge about getting through. Miller covers every aspect of the law school experience-from surviving the first semester to seeking summer internships. He presents experiences of other law students to help readers understand what is expected of them and how these expectations will affect heir social and personal lives. He emphasizes that discipline and conviction are the keys to successfully completing law school. I didn’t read…yet.

  2. In our law library tours at York we try to point out the print version of various print sources. Most of the first year students have this shocked look on their face when you tell them that the print sources really have some value. In my experience, it is only after their first assignment in Legal Research and Writing, that they realize that perhaps the print sources do have value after all. Of course, sometimes they don’t realize the value of print sources at all…