What Do YOU Call a Law Blog in French?

There is an interesting little discussion happening over on the law blog of Frédéric Rolin about what exactly the proper French equivalent of “law blog” should be.

English. Simple: law blog or blawg. Sounds easy.

But in French?

Here are some of the suggestions by Rolin and by people who sent comments:

  • Give in to worldwide Anglo-Saxon linguistic imperialism and just call blawgs “blawgs” – Rolin does write that French blawgers who are on Technorati all seem to use the tag “blawg” (ha! vendus!)
  • bloig (blog + loi=law or statute)
  • juriblog – my favourite
  • blex
  • bleg
  • droig (from droit=law)
  • jurnal
  • drog (for those addicted to blogging)
  • the French government proposes “bloc-note”
  • juribloc
  • juriblocnote
  • blocloi
  • bloic
  • legiblog

And as one participant quipped: “I am totally reassured: lawyers will never be able to come to an agreement about the word!”.

Thank God for that! If lawyers could ever agree on anything, I would be out of a job.

[Source: Stéphane Cottin’s ServiceDoc Info blog, I mean blex, I mean jurilexblocjurdroig]


  1. My preference – or is it préférence – is juriblog.

    A propos of nothing I was surprised to learn that the Québecois term courriel is now the prefered translation of email, even in France.

  2. I was amongst the courriel fans in the beginning and, at the time, many people (often from France) were preferring to use e-mail. The same debate seems to be raging around blawg. This time, my vote goes to DROG for the reasons detailed on my drog.