The UB Law Flood of 2006

Jim Milles has shared a video of his presentation (“slides” and audio) about the flood they experienced at the University at Buffalo Law School in the first week of August, and the emergency measures they undertook to put things back in order. 3,500 books had to be sent out for vacuum freeze drying in an attempt to prevent mould, and fans and dehumidifiers were brought into the library to remove the water. See The UB Law Flood of 2006 on Check This Out! They were fortunate in that this happened when school was not in progress. My favourite line: “I recommend that you avoid a flood if possible.”

Last year was fire, this year was flood. What next, Jim??


  1. Ah you should have been in Margate on Saturday, when the whole range of scourges were re-enacted:

  2. Hmmm…sounds like Burning Man but with the plague instead of recreational drugs. Here is an article about Margate Exodus if that web page isn’t working: