R.I.P. Writely – Viva Google Docs Etc.

First it started a buzz and got popular; next it was shut down; then it reappeared; now it’s… transmogrified: Writely, which Google bought, is no more, but has become part of Google Docs & Spreadsheets (a name that has got to go — GDS, maybe… or GoDo…).

I’ve taken a first look but only that. I was prompted to move my Writely documents over. And then I went to upload a document to the new system; that worked fine, but I was reminded I could email docs in — to an adress that had “writely” in it, a clear indication that Google is rushing things. Again.

This web office development might not be of prime interest to law firms, which have no problems acquiring the latest software or keeping their members connected whether in Hong Kong or Flin Flon. But for our private use… and for frugal others, this is a good step in the right direction.


  1. Yesterday a group of us on a LSUC planning exercise started simultaneously editing a skeleton on the new Writely, and it was terrific to have real time collaboration and none of the problems of track changes and who’s in charge. Of course, being me, I want the open source version of PowerPoint, MSPublisher and Visio too. Just a spreadsheet and a word processing programme isn’t enough.