Governor General Michaelle Jean Is Now Blogging

Governor General logo

Shel Israel, one of the authors of the book and blog Naked Conversations, has written a post about Government Blogging in which he mentions he was in Canada last week and noted that Canada’s Governor General Michaelle Jean had started blogging!

Surprised to read this, I had a quick look at the GG website, and indeed found a new site called Citizen Voices/Ecoute des citoyens on the domain. There is a blog by the GG, forums, news, and even a space for regularly scheduled chats with the GG herself! Q & A from the first chat on Sept. 27th are posted.

She encourages citizens to participate, especially by leaving blog comments. Parallel sites have been built in French and English, but public comments added in either language appear in both blogs.

Themes she has listed (and presumably would like to discuss) are:

    belonging/vivre ensemble

Thus far she has one blog post. People posting comments are generally polite, formally addressing her as “Your Excellency”. That is a nice touch, don’t you think? I’m thinking that is how I might have people post comments in my own blog in the future…


  1. You are right. I only seemed to pull up the most recent when I was looking at it. Seems to be a custom-designed blog application which doesn’t quite flow the same way as most blogs.

  2. Shel Israel has responded to the post on this subject over on my personal blog:

    “I enjoy taking lots of credit, but your Governor General did this all by herself. At least she did it with absolutely no contact with me in any way. I simply mentioned that it was happening and started while I was talking to government people in Ontario. The two incidents are not directly related.”

    I misunderstood his original post and will amend this one.